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Rojda Hoda started sewing and designing clothes when she was a little girl. She started working in factories where she learned every aspect of sewing and pattern making. After that, she strengthen her knowledge with a postgraduate degree from University of London and MSc degree in Fashion from one of the leading University in Great Britain. After obtaining her degrees and coupled with her production background, she moved onto working within the high fashion design industry for many years. Rojda had dreamed of setting up her own business and designing the way she felt each day. What sets Gatsbylady apart is the quality of fabrics, unique hand embellished designs and the flexibility of their fits. Their designs are individual, effortless, comfortable and stretches by a size for an easy fit. They cover from a UK size 0 to UK size 30  and also do the Petite range and Tall Range , so there is no matter of size and shape with Gatsbylady.



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