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Dominique Ansari’s designs were inspired throughout her childhood dreams of becoming a great designer and pursuing a lifelong passion. Born and raised in Mississippi, Dominique knew that she would need to venture out to accomplish this and thought that LA would be the place to pursue her dreams. She decided on using her namesake as a brand name and debuted her first 40 piece collection in San Francisco in 2009.

Founded in California, the brand is innovative, fresh, and appeals to ladies that want comfort yet chic high fashion style in clothing. With a BFA in Fashion Design, Dominique decided to create her own company after interning and working as an assistant designer for many prestigious fashion brands. She was then able to open her own design studio and hire her own interns once her designs started selling rapidly. Her styles are known for their vibrant colours, versatility, unique cuts, and super soft fabrics. Using high quality jersey knits that are soft to the touch, makes this brand all the more luxurious.

She has showcased her RTW line in LA Fashion Week, participated in many shows San Francisco, and has recently shown in both 2014 and 2015 for New Orleans Fashion Week. Dominique has sold her line through various boutiques in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago and has participated in many trades show in the Los Angeles area. Dominique continues to sell her RTW Line with many online retailers and is currently working on her debut couture collection for Vancouver Fashion Week in which she will showcase her Fall 2016 Line.  

She currently resides in Houston, TX with her Husband, son, and little dog.

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