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Designed by Beely is an independent women’s apparel and accessories label founded by its designer, Beely Huang. Her designs express a connection to nature and appreciation of minimalism through the emphasis on natural materials in organic hues. Beely caters to fashion-forward professional women, redefining classics to offer versatile, sophisticated styles with an edge. The combination of timeless, pared-down aesthetics with distinct features are the signature of this label.

Beely finds inspiration from places she has traveled, learning to work with a variety of mediums including sustainable, re-purposed hides and furs using traditional sewing techniques for quality craftsmanship. She is also drawn to the blank canvases she sees in unassuming and often overlooked objects. She perceives beauty in the understated, and is interested in the ‘imperfections’ and unexpected features found within these objects. These challenge her to give bold voices to the simplistic.

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