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I was born and raised in New York city, the daughter of a sociologist, which influenced my desire to defend causes such as women’s rights  like not to be judged as less intelligent than our men peers by what we decide to wear or what physical or sexual image we decide to project ,for example, and of a conceptual artist , which  really influenced my artistic opinions, visions and respect for the importance of the creative process in working art into a fashion piece. It also influenced greatly my gravitation towards conceptual and or geometric pieces in my work as constructivist art is one of my favourite art eras.

We moved to Venezuela at a young age, and I enrolled in a Graphic design institute that specialized in the Bauhaus teachings of hoe the most important thing when creating, is working with,not against the materials to challenge yourself to use unusual materials, such as faux leather and acrylic in original ways.

I started my love of fashion at sixteen, but it was not until y had married and had children that I, later, had the opportunity to really get into the fashion creation process seriously.

I proceeded to show my work in LA fashion Week several times, with the creative group led by Mike Vensel named CONCEPT LAFW which portrayed the work of innovative design in also innovative spaces.I even participated in Project runway,which was quite thrilling to have been chosen as a participant!i would have loved that the emphasis shown towards the competitors personalities be more focused on the actual designs ,though,but it was a very exciting and new experience for me ha ha ha!.

I relocated to LA but have spent a couple of years in South America,going back and forth,till I finish the immigration process for my small son to the US and can finally go back definitely back to my home in LA. Many online stores have shown interest in my work so most of my sales are made online,as having my pieces such an emphasis on the hand made process of cutting,etc,and maybe shunning, what I consider to be the over importance technology has taken over in recent years, 3D printing and laser cutting ,etc., I think a more hands on involvement with the pieces  is one of the best ways to create in an innovative way.

I am thus excited about what I can contribute to the sometimes, oversaturated fashion market but remain very optimistic and am looking forward to what the future will bring me!!


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