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Designer Profile

Ivani Adamastor

Originally from San Paulo, Brazil, Ivani started working on her craft in her teens, she crocheted hats and scarves for friends and family. Upon moving to Canada, she was asked to sell her crochet items at various farmer’s markets in the lower mainland. She began participating as an artist with EWMA in 2010. Ivani says that crochet relaxed her like therapy and she is very happy about presenting her works with Vancouver Fashion Week.

Khongorol Navanvochong

Sewing began at a young age for Khongorol where she grew up in Mongolia.  She learned from her father, as they travelled the world, settling in Warsaw. She found jewelry. Most of the kids didn’t have jobs, they had weekend jobs and she sold her crafts in those stores.  Today her favorite hobby is jewelry and she’s been making it with EWMA since 2015.

Vivian Bomberry

At the age of six Vivian was taught to sew on an old fashioned Singer sewing machine that was run by foot-power, a treadle machine. As a small child, when her mother was out, she had taken her best lace blouse and chopped the sleeves off to design a dress for her doll. Her mom was disappointed because this was back in the day, the family was big and her mother had only one lace blouse. Vivian has been chopping and designing ever since. Her methods and techniques have improved, but she still takes gently used vintage evening wear and other beautiful quality fabrics to transform into headpieces. Currently she makes a variety of pillbox hats, fascinators and bridal headpieces, and in the near future plans to focus on bridal headpieces exclusively. She has said because of her background in Social Work, brides are a lot of fun to work with and she has never run into one that was demanding or obnoxious that she couldn’t work with. She said that she has a tremendous amount of patience with brides whether it’s a first time bride or one that is on her second or third trip down the bridal path.





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