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Designer Profile

Movement is infinite, it’s never ending, it’s dynamic, it changes everything in life.

Coming from an artistic and plastic arts background, I bring a different vision to fashion. I believe that if getting dressed is a necessity, then fashion is the art of necessity.

Passionate about art and fashion, I devoted my education to this subject. I started my studies in 2006 at the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts (Armenia), doing Fashion Design as an option. Then, as part of my Master’s degree, I did a semester at the Lyon Academy of Fine Arts doing Textile Design as an option. In 2013, I was also an assistant pattern maker for one year for the Arasa Morelli designer house in Switzerland. Wanting to go further in my chosen profession, I moved to Paris in 2014 having been accepted to fashion school (Mode Estah).

I have won the first prize in an international fashion competition: E-Fashion Awards 2016 in Paris that symbolises a first step of my fashion designer career.

Due to that prize I now have the possibility to sell my future collection in international showroom that I am going to show during the Vancouver Fashion Week.

Taking part in this kind of fashion event represents a genuine professional stepping stone for me and constitutes a real opening for my career which is taking shape as a fashion designer in the fashion world. The latter requires feistiness and perseverance as well as talent.

Through my designs, I want to reveal my artistic vision of fashion, my artistic style and realm, my searches for material patterns, and also the person I am.

This is a kind of way for me to show you who I am, where I come from and where I want to go. I lived in a world completely removed from the ordinary. Through my designs, I want to share my life story, my past, my creative thirst. I want to come out of the shadows and become immersed in design by putting my own signature stamp on it – Armine OHANYAN – on each of my designs will bear the Armine OHANYAN brand.


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