Angelica Timas


Designer Profile

Although Angelica Timas was born in Cape Verde Island, her parents moved to Portugal when she was just months old. At age 15 her parents move yet again to USA, where she completed high school and earned two Master’s degrees in Professional Studies in Informatics and Computer Science, though her plan to pursue her PH.D in the same field was place on hold when decided to pursue her passion for fashion. A full time software developer, wife, mother and CEO of her brand Angelica Timas, her dream is surely a reality.

With no formal training in fashion Angelica has mastered her skills by self‐taught knowledge and true passion for what she envisions in her work.

The concept behind the label, is “low maintenance”, “simple”, and “versatile” fashion. Each collection features edgy yet classic, while the aesthetic is a fusion of asymmetry, minimalism, and color.

At the heart of the brand there’s the alter‐ego Chikke, she is confident, she is high spirited, fun, strong, she is on the go but slows down to enjoy the night, she has a versatile yet a unique taste which makes her have a style all her own.

Angelica Timas is a clothing label that offers its clientele limited collections of luxurious pieces. Each piece is unique and hand‐crafted, made in small quantities giving a real exclusive and individual feel.



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