Alicia Perrillo


Designer Profile

An award-winning graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s rigorous fashion program, Alicia Perrillo wasted no time starting her brand in 2016. With a focus on luxury fabrics and beautiful handwork details, she combines contemporary silhouettes with a healthy dose of old-world couture. 


In this collection, I explore fashion design and construction through the occult interests and scientific methods developed by my muse, Sir Isaac Newton. To tell his story, I use my sewing machine as my laboratory and garment as my discovery. The collection incorporates geometric textiles, fur, hand embroidery, and beading. The vivid color story is lifted from his discovery of the visible spectrum. I utilize the experiments he conducted on light and color theory, as well as the symbology from his alchemical and Masonic practices throughout his lifetime, to thoughtfully create textiles, accessories, garments, and headwear. 

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