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Designer Profile

Aiki District officially launched in December 2016 and its contemporary designs have already been featured in numerous publications. The duo, Anahita Faghih and Maneli Nourbakhsh are Co-Founders and designers for Aiki District.

Maneli’s experience in the fashion industry is vast. She’s held titles such as Business Development Executive, Print Designer, Fashion Editor, Costume Designer, as well as branding and consulting for various labels. Maneli’s creative pursuits in North America and Europe have shaped her perspective on the industry, she understands fashion through a global lens. Some of Maneli’s experiences include womenswear designer at the lululemon lab as well as time spent in London at McQ and Alexander McQueen. Education has played a pivotal role in her success. With a Degree from UBC and after instructing for 6 years at several fashion design schools, Maneli currently holds the position of Fashion Program Director at John Casablancas Institute. This diverse, knowledgeable approach gives her an edge when it comes to researching, forecasting trends, and understanding the market.

Anahita Faghih’s experiences in the fashion industry include Production Manager, Pattern Drafter, Fit Specialist, Assistant Designer, and Instructor at Blanch Macdonald. Anahita translates the design vision from initial concept to the final creation of garments. Originally from Esfahan, Iran, Anahita worked for over eight years in fashion before moving to Canada, with five of those years spent running a showroom and designing custom evening and bridal gowns for a myriad of A-list clients. Anahita’s commitment to her craft is compelling and self-evident. Reflecting on her success so far, she describes why she’s living and working the career of her dreams. “I love that I am able to explore ways of self-expression through my designs, creating something new every day and stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s important for me to be continually challenging myself and my abilities. I know that being a Fashion Designer is a part of who I am”.

Aiki District is a contemporary women’s wear line, Made in Vancouver, inspired by the beauty and strength of individuals who go beyond limitations and challenge their own norms. The brand is made for travelers, nomads and the uninhibited.

We hold a basic vision: to present well crafted, comfortable, quality pieces that inspire and cover every part of an explorer’s diary. With the use of fine quality fabrics, maintaining high ethical standards, and focusing on sustainability, we create contemporary pieces with powerful silhouettes that last beyond a season.

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