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Danya Weevers was born in Haarlem in the Netherlands on 29 July 1994, but moved to the Dutch city of Hengelo with her parents, brother and sister in 1997. She grew up surrounded by art. Her father is a visual artist and as a small child Weevers was always a bit of a maverick who stood out from the rest.

She discovered her great love of fashion at the age of 13. When she started fashion school in 2010 she noticed that fashion completely absorbed her 24/7. Internships at Elsien Gringhuis in Arnhem and Dennis Diem in Amsterdam inspired her so much that in 2013 she made a trial collection called SS13 (Im)possibility. That same year Weevers opened her own webshop.

After Weevers graduated in 2014 from the ROC-Twente in the city of Enschede, she decided to also offer her SS14 Fragility collection in her webshop and sold designs such as Elastic Dress.

Weevers also models for the renowned Rotterdam modelling agency Max Models. She has modelled for Adidas and a variety of magazines. She has also worked in Milan for the MP Management modelling agency.

In 2014 she signed up to do an intake at the London College Of Fashion. In her view this was the only school in Europe that shared her vision of fashion and education. Early in 2015, she was invited to do the intake exam. With her SS15 Mikhaylo collection in London she told the story of a Ukrainian deep house artist whom she met during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The intake committee members appreciated her eye for storytelling and her love for fashion. She was offered a place, but unfortunately she could not take it up for financial reasons. The fact that she was admitted was a huge confirmation of her talent. With this in mind she is continuing her work. Over the years one thing has become very clear for Danya Weevers: her love of life is big and she wants to express this in fashion. She wants to communicate her experiences and those of others. She’s about fashion with a personal story or ‘Story mode as a second skin!’

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