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Danny Reinke grew up in Mönkebude, Germany. He spent his childhood years in this peaceful little fishing village in Germany’s north-easternmost region in Pomerania at the Baltic Sea. Danny’s father, who is a traditional Baltic Sea fisherman, influenced his childhood memories immensely. As a result, traps, knots,
fishing nets, and handicraft have accompanied Danny since his early years.

Danny attended the “FaModa Academy of Fashion and Design” in Hannover, successfully graduating from the program in 2013. His tenure at FaModa has influenced Danny and his work greatly. He has made a name for himself through the use of individual shapes and the incorporation of unconventional and unusual textures, as well as the use of recycled materials in his creations. The latter is very important in the development of Danny’s collections, as he developed a special passion for the ecological approach known as upcycling. Danny’s work is rich in textural detail and opulent silhouettes. The materials used in his collections are made by hand in a sustainable and sensible way in his Berlin studio. His line encompasses a broad scale, ranging from ready to wear pieces and couture designs, as well as accessories like backpacks or hats. Danny finds inspiration for his work in historic events, the art of handicraft, nature and his childhood memories.


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