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Inspired by the growing accessibility of the Internet, and the crutch that it is playing in everybody’s life, the contrast to a childhood in the 90’s was the starting point for this collection.

References then turned to memories of Sesame Street and Americana freedom that shaped Clara’s own personal childhood. The “Cookie Monster” became this season’s mascot, which represents the fusion of genuine innocence meets the harmful potential of the Internet.

E‐wrapping knitting techniques were used with the use of red and blue hair, to create dramatic and playful silhouettes. Asymmetric shapes were created to symbolise the fusion between the two references and to display a modern fuzzy monster.

Panelling references nostalgic American holidays, and the texture of the boucle yarn used added the warm and cuddly nature that Sesame Street characters play so well. The 3D factor was used throughout the collection with a “C” motif used in a pop out nature, on the bomber jacket and rucksack. This feature was also used with the colour choice being red and blue, to tie in the virtual realm of the world wide web.

The addition of more wearable pieces in the collection, add to the ideals of childhood, and the simplicity in childrenswear. There are no tricky fastenings with shorts and jumpers being pull-ons and pullovers. Shirts are fastened with poppers and are easily removed for quick and effortless dressing.

This feature is furthered with the shoe choice, as the lookbook contains socks and slides for easy slip on access and styling being an effortless mix of colour and pattern.

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