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Our aim is to allow the individual to step out from of the day-to-day features of regimented social gestures and interactions, by offering a token of feminine individuality, strength and confidence for each wearer. Subverting a type of formal language that is traditionally associated armours or uniforms, our creations seek to open a space for individual language and personal empowerment through fantasy and a sense of the sublime. Spontaneous method follows the inner logic with which individual garments come into being involving a hyper-sensitivity to perspective and circumstance.

This dialogue between simplicity and chaos is reflected in the formal aspects of the clothes’ unique minimal sensibility. Sharp lines and angles define the garment’s dynamic, austere silhouette. Accompanying details involve the interplay of structured details with contrasting, soft, flowing, forms. Our palette of earth tones, punctuated with subtle sections of electric colour, is framed by the predominant use of black and white and exclusive in- house prints. Brit Wacher forges a specific and precise path in creating quality, handcrafted, and original, wearable objects.


Brittany Wacher is a Montreal based designer who studied at La Sall a University in Vancouver, BC. Following graduation she worked as a stylist in Thailand before relocating to Arnhem where she worked with Dutch designer Pauline Van Dongen. It was under Van Dongen’s tuleage that Brittany began to refine her approach to garment construction and the practice of conceptual exploration. Wacher’s pieces are reflections of experiencing life through fantasy and simultaneously, the core conflicts of the physical world. Integral to her vision is the concept of duality and the passage of energy through time and space. This energy, represented by moods and feelings is transformed into shapes, colour blocking and use of lines in textile. Habitual examination of information collected consciously and subconsciously, creates a strong dialogue between simplicity and chaos. Thus, producing a display of shapely, complex, unconventionally tailored garments.

Brittany Wacher’s label Brit Wacher, has been viewed at Toronto Fashion Week, Montreal Fashion Week, Saturday Night Live, and featured in Vogue Italia, Glow Magazine, Clin d’oeil Magazine, Flare Magazine, FASHION Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine. Brittany collaborates with other designers, artists, and musicians in creating multi-disciplinary projects which allude to the overall concept of creation and contribution to creative community.

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