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Gustavo Espinoza, Ankura’s director, decided a couple of years ago to embed in a new adventure, one that had really not much to do with his previous field of work, being a Business Graduate and MBA he had experience in management and finances, but he wasn’t really happy in this field of work. He had always known he wanted to help its country and its people and started wondering which way would be the most ideal. Ankura was born from the vision of a team of young, creative professionals that wanted to make fashion an instrument of aid and a way to improve hundreds of lives. The variety and mixture of natural materials and incredible craftsmanship available in our beautiful country of origin, which is Peru, also helped a lot in building the brand’s unique aesthetics. From the beginning, Ankura wanted to be a brand known as a blend between Peruvian heritage and modern stylish designs, which gave birth to a small exclusive collection with easy to wear statement pieces.

Ankura is a new fashion brand that combines inspiration and designs from around the world with local natural materials and meticulous work from Peruvian artisans. The Brand’s philosophy is that Development and Social Inclusion can be achieved in our country by creating new job opportunities with fair wages and by giving the right value to the materials produced by farmers, breeders and artisans, so that they may improve their quality of life and their families.

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