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The spring/summer 2016 collection is inspired by the main romance from the novel “The Age of Innoncence”, by Edith Wharton. The designer tells a story of the constant duality lived under the perspective of Newland Archer’s mind (main character) reflecting: desire and censorship, fantasy and reality, love and passion of a man lost in a love triangle, locked inside the costumes of a vain-driven society. The looks portray the troubled look of Archer over his two female personalities, that trace and give life to the romance and his dillema. May, his wife – sweet and innocent – and Ellen, his lover, independent and fearless. The colour chart, fabric selection and patterns carry some of the late XIX centuries’ aspirations – era when the story takes place – to the current influences and trends in fashion.

Nowadays, Ana Luisa sees the influence her work can have in the world. The moment for a conscious evolution in which fashion has come, she seeks through slow fashion a way to show and defend this transformation in fashion production today. She works with smaller collections and exclusive looks. The consumer can, within the period of one year, send her back their clothes, so she can transform it into something new, without additional cost. Ana Luisa wants to show that we can decrease over consumption if we learn how to reinvent our resources and consumption philosophy, and be more aware of our environment. The way her product is manufactured, the careful choice of fabrics and finishings brings a temporal, fresh characteristic to the work – the garment itself is a statement. If fashion is, today, one of the causes of Earth’s destruction, it can also be a vehicle that helps us save it, if we unite and open ourselves to new possibilities of making and thinking fashion.

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