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Alisa Tovmanyan, born in Los Angeles, California, grew up indulged in her two great loves – drawing and fashion. Her grandmother pushed her to follow her dream of becoming a fashion designer and her grandfather taught her how to illustrate at the age of 6. As a designer, Alisa combines sophistication, ease and super chic-ness in her designs. Alisa loves elaborate, figure flattering, feminine yet fun pieces. She says “Everyday, we put on more than just a garment, we put on an identity. We choose clothes that represent who we are, our moods, the times we live in, and our desires.” She loves the idea of elegance with a twist of fun and intricacy. She is never afraid to make a bold statement or try something new. “What I enjoy about fashion is fashion.”  

Alisa’s customer lives in a contemporary fairytale wherever they are. She changes the perception of fashion anywhere she goes. She combines freshness and classic style. She is cheerful, colourful, and eccentric. She is a modern girl who is naturally delicate and feminine. She sees fashion as an adventure and expresses who she is by what she wears. She is a dreamer and allows herself to express her hearts content through her choice of clothing. She emphasizes her fresh, feminine, and cultural individuality. “I am all about encouraging my girls to live this colourful life.” In her Spring collection, she introduces a new world to the cultural girl with a contemporary mind.She combined a mixture of her great interest in Armenian art by artist Tsolak Shahinyan and the combination of the ideal silhouette with an array of textures in her clothes. Later on in her research she discovered an artwork with pomegranates by American artist Julia Crozier. The refreshing color palette and overall painting captured her attention. It fit her collection perfectly.

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