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This past weekend, our social media team ventured to 434 Columbia Street, in hopes of visiting Alex S. Yu’s famous pop up shop before it got too hectic. Luckily for us, arriving early was a great strategy, as we were able to slip in, grab some photos, and take off before the crowds showed up.

Alex S. Yu’s famous fuzzy shippers from his collection were on display, as well as the bright colours and crazy textured fabrics he is best known for in all of his designs. As we snapped some photos and admired the collection up close, we got to speak to Alex one on one. Alex admitted to us that the pop ups are always extremely popular among his clientele, usually resulting in his product selling out. It’s no wonder, when you get a glance at the Avant-garde, tea party on mars-esque collections he brings season after season.

You will find past collections highlighted on Vogue UK, Elle Italia, and Glamour, among other major accredited magazines.

Written by Lexy Dien

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