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Designer, Greem Byun, majored in textile art & fashion design at Hongik University and then launched her brand “NASTY HABIT” in 2012, S/S season, right after graduation. The brand’s name comes from an impression of the designer: Almost all nasty habits are addictive and not bound by any rule. So, the designer named her own brand NASTY HABIT to express her ambition to challenge stereotypes, express bold characteristics and create something new. The aim of this brand is to translate avant-garde ideas into a high-end label. The designer adopts asymmetrical designs and combining texture with opposite items in her luxurious works. NASTY HABIT, showing edgy concepts while capturing the hit trends of every season, has been attracting attention in the fashion world. The brand has represented the Seoul city government at Paris’ WHO’S NEXT’ twice, in July 2014 and January 2015.

2015 AW Collection: New Black, Neo-noir

The designer has prepared a new collection, using black as the main theme. The collection is inspired by the film-noirs of the 1940s and 50s such as The Maltese Falcon, Sunset Blvd and The Big Sleep. Although black has already been a common and basic theme in the fashion industry, NASTY HABIT uses black with its own twist, giving the collection “New Black, Neo-noir” as a name.

The imagery connects the whole collection; a city at night, the rectilinearly lighting streetlamps, shadows and shades. In this collection, the designer interprets the classic genre and then transforms it into something new. This season’s NASTY HABBIT is all about creating new classics.



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