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In 2005, Ana Alexandra Velazquez founded KUERO, a brand with the purpose of creating the first designer handbags in Nicaragua made with artisan leather, each individually handcrafted. Ana designed ninety handbags, which became her first leather handbag collection. KUERO introduced the collection of artisan leather handbags to a growing tourist market in Nicaragua, including clients from countries, such as Singapore, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Jordan, United States, and Colombia. Designs by Ana Alexandra Velazquez and the use of the finest artisan leather into a quality handcrafted product has positioned the KUERO brand as unique, authentic and original. KUERO is the first Nicaraguan brand of its kind to expand to an international market. Ana Alexandra Velazquez designs have sophistication and style designed with their own personality and each special in their own way. Each handbag is a piece of art transmitting life, energy and a positive attitude. A KUERO handbag is an important accessory for today’s modern women and provides a reflection of who you are to the world. Each KUERO handbag is designed with the belief that beauty comes from details such as texture, color and shape. Behind every KUERO product is a story – A WOMEN whose life is being transformed and changed! KUERO provides successful women with beautifully designed, luxury, fashion forward, and socially conscious products that make them feel beautiful inside and out.