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Ana Sudano has been a fashion designer for 15 years. She has a degree in fashion design, postgraduate degree in fine arts and currently she is doing her master’s degree in design and sustainability. She has already worked for renowned Brazilian fashion brands like Animale, Grace Ottoni, Gilda Midani and Printing.
In 2014 she launched her own brand. During this short period of time, she has already participated at 4 trade shows and fashion events, won 2 awards, lectured about sustainable fashion, in addition to winning 2 awards and receiving some invitations to international events.
Grama is a eco-friendly women’s fashion brand. Brazilian suppliers and fabrics are a precondition for the existence of the company, as well as the use of craftsmanship, services and products from companies with strong social responsibility policies and appreciation of small producers. The company also maintains partnerships and projects with cooperatives, NGOs and associations since it began its activities.
So Grama produces casual and desirable clothes with sophistication and quality, adding social and environmental values to the products. Using  design, creativity and innovation to find new behavior standards through fashion is Grama’s inspiration.

Marca Grama Vetorial