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Emerging fashion designer, Enchi Shen is known for her debut in 2011 “Taipei in Style” autumn/winter fashion parade. “7crash”—her own designer brand was established in the same year. Graduating from NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano) Enchi strives for perfection and wishes to create fashion that specifically compliments Asian figures with distinguishable cultural essences.

“Crash” aims to enlighten people’s imagination and unbind the existing framework. Enchi’s design reflects this belief. 7Crash also believes in fine quality and uniqueness. Enchi appreciates the opportunities to offer personal designs for individual clients. Our products are limited and each one owns a unique ID. The general collection only lists up to 50 items per module and the Silver (2015) series only lists up to 20 per city/country. In 2013, “7crash” was invested by renowned “Fasttrack Inc.” to further develop. The first flagship store has opened its door to the public since 2015 at the prestige Eslite Taipei.

2011.9 Taipei in style fashion show/Brand established.

2012.9 Taipei in style fashion show

2013.12 Invest by Fasttrack Inc.

2014.10 Concept store open

2014.12 Hong Kong Fashion Festival Forward fashion exibition

2015.4 Korea seoul fashion show

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